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Why Choose PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac?

1. Easier: Including all the essential tools needed for basic and professional photo editing, PixelStyle Photo Editor is designed easy for both novice and professionals. You will find all tools at your hand and start your work in five to ten minutes after first try.

2. Faster and smoother: Taking full advantages of the latest OS X technologies and unique smart processing engine, PixelStyle Photo Editor occupies less disk and memory space, also runs faster and smoother.

3. More inspiring: PixelStyle includes more than 100 exquisite drawing brushes for oil painting, sketch, texture painting and more to bring your creativity into full play.

4. Best-in-class Photo Noise Reduction: Reduces low light and high ISO noise.

5. Comprehensive RAW Editing: Smart RAW processing engine.

6. Handy Geometric Drawing and Editing: PixelStyle supports a variety of geometric drawing tools, such as: straight lines, rectangles, circles, ellipses, polygons, stars, clockwise spiral and much more.

Creative Photography Tools

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Free Download. Full Features Free Download. Full Features Free Download. Full Features