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What Are the Advantages of
PixelStyle Photo Editor?

1. A set of high-end Filters: lighting, blurs, distortions, tilt-shift, glows...

2. Professional Photo Adjustments: Adjust exposure, hue, vibrance, white balance, shadows, highlights, brightness, contrast, blackpoint, clarity and much more.

3. Photo Retouching and Correction: Delete unwanted objects and retouch photos.

4. Best-in-class Photo Noise Reduction: Reduces low light and high ISO noise.

5. Advanced Adjustment Layers: Correct and enhance photos with Levels, Curves, Shadows, Highlights, HSL, White Balance, Black and White ...

6. Comprehensive RAW Editing: Smart RAW processing engine.

7. Excellent Text Design Tools: Enjoy a full set of advanced typography features like kerning, bold, italic, underline, line-through and much more.

8. Automatic saving mechanism: Automatically saves all the changes you make as you work on an image, which means you never have to save changes manually.

What Is PixelStyle? What Does PixelStyle Do?

1.What is PixelStyle?

PixelStyle Photo Editor is an all-in-one photo editor for Mac. As an alternative to Photoshop, it includes all the essential tools you need for basic and professional photo editing.

2. What does PixelStyle do?

(1)Professionally edit and retouch your photos: resize, transform, adjust color, lighten or darken…
(2)4-Channel editing of images: red, green, blue, alpha channel.
(3)Comprehensive RAW Editing.
(4)Apply dazzling effects to your images: blur, distort, exposure, sharpen…
(5)Create artwork with unique brush tools.
(6)Easily add text anywhere on an image.
(7)Draw and edit smart geometric shapes.

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