PixelStyle Photo Editor

Main Functions of Pixelstyle Photo Editor Mac

1. Easily Resize Images

PixelStyle gives you sufficient options to easily resize your images by width and height with or without keeping aspect ratio to fit screen, clipboard or paper size.


2. Apply Dazzling Filters

Apply nearly 50 dazzling filters to your images to achieve particular effects: blur, distort, exposure, sharpen, noise reduction, halftone effects…


3. Add Unlimited Layers

PixelStyle has powerful layer capabilities that support unlimited layers and layer groups for you to freely create, duplicate and delete layers – the only limit is your computer’s parameters. Placing layers or automatic adding new layers from Finder and browsers are never laggard with hundreds of layers.


4. Flexibly Adjust Layers

With ‘Layer’ command in the Menu Bar, you are allowed to make precision adjustment of layers. Combined with other tools, you can resize, scale, rotate, skew, trim, condense, expand layers and adjust layer boundaries.


5. Add layer effects

Easily add one or stacked non-destructive layer effects like shadows, fills, inner glow, outer glow, or strokes.


6. Retouch Photos

As a professional photo editor for Mac, PixelStyle has all the essential tools and unique feature to touch up your photos: color and style adjustments, 50 high-end filters, various layer effects and blend modes, which helps you remove red eye, erase unwanted pixels, lighten and darken a certain area, smudge color on an active layer, heal and repair Images, create retro style effect…


7. Edit Texts

Quickly and easily place your text on a half-circle to create logos and other useful text designs. Modify your text with a full set of advanced typography features like kerning, bold, italic, underline, line-through.


8. Crop Images

Select certain aspect ration to accurately cut out the portion you want. Live Information Panel is for your reference to view its width, height and RGBA value of cursor.


9. Sample Color

Use Eyedropper Tool to sample a pixel or a group of pixels as foreground color or background color. You can set to grab color from just the current layers or from all visible layers or from the background.


10. Select Pixels in an Image

PixelStyle adopts advanced algorithm in selecting a specific color range in an image. You can create, add, subtract, intersect, invert selections and set to soften the edge of selections.

11. Flatten Images

Merge or flatten selected or all layers into one after finishing editing all the layers in your image to reduce the file size.


12. Switch Blend Mode Live

Nearly 30 blend modes of different opacity are available for you to achieve unexpected and special effects when working with layers, painting, retouching and fill tools.


13. 4-Channel Editing

Editing of individual channel, including red, green, blue, alpha channel, is supported in PixelStyle to bring you great convenience in determining background transparency and color of a layer.


14. RAW Editing

PixelStyle endows powerful engine and smart algorithm that comprehensively support Raw editing.


15. Geometric Drawing and Editing

PixelStyle supports a variety of geometric drawing tools, such as: straight lines, rectangles, circles, ellipses, polygons, stars, clockwise spiral and much more. All of these shapes can be adjusted, like move, scale, skew and rotate. The default setting is vector drawing, which can be converted to raster. Each geometric tool will support fill, stroke, lights effect settings. What's more, you can also change the settings of line type.


16. Creative drawing

PixelStyle includes more than 100 built-in drawing brushes (pencil, airbrush, watercolor brush, chalk, charcoal, neon pens...) for oil painting, sketch, texture painting, etc. Exquisite brushwork with customized settings are awaiting you to bring your creativity into full play.


17. Create a Gradual Color Shift

With 8 styles of gradient and 2 repeating patterns, Gradient Tool allows you to create a shift from foreground color to background color of different opacity for a wide range of effects.


18. Fill Objects with Color or Texture

Flood an area or all selected areas of similar color with a single color or texture with live preview. Apart from nearly 60 types of texture, PixelStyle allows to export any selected images as texture.