PixelStyle Photo Editor

How to Paint for Mac?

Select from hundreds of exclusively-designed brush types to paint on Mac as realistic as you do on a traditional canvas.


Step 1. In the Pixestyle Photo Editor for Mac Tools panel, select the Art Brush Tool to paint soft strokes.
paint brushes tool


Step 2. Select specific paint brush tip, stroke, radius and other options.
paint tool mac
A – Displays your most often used paintbrush tips and strokes.
B – Select a brush type from brushes, pens, pencils, airbrushes, scrawls and more.
C – Adjust or type the radius of paint brush stroke.
D – Adjust or type the opacity of paint brush stroke.
E – Adjust or type the hardness of paint brush tip.
F – Adjust or type the smooth of paintbrush stroke.
G – Adjust or type the pressure of paintbrush tip.
paintbrush mac


Step 3. Drag in an image and start to paint for Mac.