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How to Make Freehand Selections?

Selections can be great help when you want to alter or adjust one specific portion and leave others unaffected.


Step 1. Select the “Lasso Tool” in the Tools panel.
Lasso Tool mac


Step 2. Choose a selection mode in the Options panel. Lasso Tool has five selection modes available in the Options panel:
Lasso Tool panel


New selection

Creates a new selection


Add to selection

Adds a new selection to an existing selection


Subtract from selection

Subtracts from an existing selection


Intersect with selection

Selects the overlap of two selections


Invert the Intersected selection

Subtracts the overlap of two selections


Step 3. Drag to draw a freehand selection border.
draw freehand selection

• To close the selection, release the mouse.


Step 4. Refine the selection if necessary.
You are able to move and scale the selection border by eight handles.

The result after adjusting the color:
freehand selection result