PixelStyle Photo Editor

How to Add Text to Image on Mac?

Step 1. Click to select the Text Tool in the Tools pane of Pixestyle Photo Editor for Mac.

add text to image mac


Step 2. In the Options bar, select the text options, such as font, style, size, and color, etc.

add text to photo mac

A – Choose the font style.
B – Choose the font family.
C – Choose the font size.
D – Choose the font colors.
E – Set typography features including kerning, bold, italic, underline, line-through.
F – Design the text kerning.
G – Design the text deformation.

Step 3. Click the text layer. Then input the text on the image.

add text to image mac

• If you click outside the text box before you begin typing, double-click within the text box to replace the insertion point within it, and then begin typing.
• The text appears in its own layer, which is called a Text layer. Each time you click to create a text box, a new Type layer is created.
• When you've finished typing, click outside the text box.
• Pixelstyle doesn't support multi-lines in one Text layer. Pls create multi-Text-layers base on your text lines.