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How to Use the Magic Wand Tool?

Pixelstyle Magic Wand Tool Tutorials

The Magic Wand Tool is a very useful feature in PixelStyle that works like magic and allows you to select images based on hue and color independently. Additionally, the Magic Wand can adjust the edges of an image and adjust certain parameters such as tolerances. And once done correctly, the Magic Wand tool can more precisely select pixels in an image that would otherwise be very difficult and time-consuming to extract. When you use the Magic Wand Tool, it identifies and precisely selects complex and large pixels based on hue and color in seconds, so you can take one part and replace it with another image.

The basic operation steps of the magic wand are as follows:

Step 1. Select the "Magic Wand Tool" in the toolbar.

magic wand tool mac


Step 2. Choose a selection mode in the Options panel. Lasso Tool has five selection modes available in the Options panel:

magic wand tool mac


New selection

Creates a new selection


Add to selection

Adds a new selection to an existing selection


Subtract from selection

Subtracts from an existing selection


Intersect with selection

Selects the overlap of two selections


Invert the Intersected selection

Subtracts the overlap of two selections


magic wand tool mac

Magic Wand Mode

1. "Feather" option: The value range is between 0-250, which can feather the edge of the selection. The smaller the value, the closer the selected colors are; the larger the value, the wider the range of selected colors. It gives a soft fade effect to the edges of a selection.

2. "Tolerance" option: "Tolerance" is a very important attribute of the magic wand tool. The tolerance is the approximation of the magic wand when automatically selecting a similar color selection. The greater the tolerance, the larger the selection area; the greater the tolerance. The smaller, the more precise (compared to the original selection) and the closer it is to the selection you drew. So setting the tolerance appropriately is necessary.

Step 3. Click on the area that needs to be checked.

magic wand tool mac

Tips: You can draw a selection along the graphics. If the selection is too large, hold down " Alt" to subtract region. If the selection is too small, hold down "Shift" to add region.

magic wand tool mac

Optional If you want to cut out the image, you can directly cut the selected area here.

magic wand tool mac

• The shortcut key is ctrl+X for cutting, and the shortcut key for copying is ctrl+C.


More Advanced Functions: You can also perform individual color correction or other image optimization operations on the selected area.

Path: Menu Bar - Image - Adjustments - Hue/Saturation

draw Polygonal Lasso Tool mac

Here's a demonstration of making the sky bluer.

magic wand Tool mac

Cancel the magic wand selection: If you no longer need the magic wand, you can cancel it.

Path: Menu Bar - Select - Deselect

magic wand Tool mac

The above is the tutorial process of where the PixelStyle magic wand tool is and how to apply it. The cutout operation of the magic wand tool is commonly used in Photoshop software, and it is especially suitable for edge cutout effects. The magic wand is a very useful selection tool in actual work. In addition to cutting out, erasing, area coloring, etc., there are many more suitable scenarios for use. Be sure to practice using it more.