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Photo Eraser for Mac - Remove Unwanted Object

How to remove unwanted objects from photo on Mac?

Photo Eraser for Mac offers a range of features that guarantee professional-quality results with just a few taps to accurately select and remove unwanted items. When taking photos, sometimes unwanted objects may also be captured in the photo. At that time, using the Photo Eraser tool of Pixelstyle Photo Editor on Mac, you can easily remove the unwanted people or objects immediately.

Here is the guide of how to remove unwanted parts to create a more satisfying photo on Mac:

Step 1. Import your photo.

Photo Eraser mac


Step 2. Select the "Inpaint Tool" from the Eraser icon in the toolbar.

Photo Eraser mac


Step 3. Choose a filling mode in the options panel. There are 3 filling modes available in the Options panel. We selected "Auto Fill" for this photo.

Photo Eraser mac


Auto Fill

Erase unwanted objects while automatically repairing the surrounding. Auto filling the background after erasing.


Fast Auto Fill

The filling speed is faster. It is suitable for erasing text on the solid photo background.


Slow Auto Fill

The filling speed is slower with the best filling effect.


Select the eraser size or shape.

Customized Brush Size: From 1px to 250px, makes a perfect balance between speed and precision.

photo eraser mac

Optional: More eraser options are available. Leave it blank if you don't need choice.

photo eraser mac

Step 3. Erase the area that needs to be removed and our eraser algorithm will remove the unwanted object from photo.

You can remove anything unwanted from photo, without pixel-by-pixel precise selection. Our photo eraser on Mac algorithm analyzes the surroundings and automatically fill in the area with matched textures. They can be erased without affecting the background.

Step 4. Done and export your photo.

mac photo eraser


Photo Eraser Function: You can also click on the Erase button to remove the selected area directly but it will leave blank area. So selecting "InPaint Tool" or "Eraser Tool" which depends on the photo.

Path: Left Menu Bar - Eraser - Eraser Tool

photo eraser Tool mac

Here's a demonstration of removing photo background.

remove photo background mac

Here's a demonstration of removing all the rest but keeping the head only.

remove photo background mac

It is the tutorial of how to remove unwanted objects from photo using Photo Eraser tool on Mac. To remove an object or person from your photo, pls select the area you want to remove. With Pixelstyle Editor Photo Eraser tool on Mac, you can effortlessly erase extra people and objects with just a few taps.