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How to Select the Right Brushes and PaintBrush for Mac and iPad


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Selecting the Right Brushes and PaintBrush on Mac and iPad will help you to paint more beautiful arts!

A great masterpiece is determined by two factors: the brushes the artist picks and how he uses those picked paintbrushes. So, it absolutely needs a combination of a powerful brushes set, knowledge about painting, and artistic feelings of the artist. This perfect combination will result in paintings that represent the look and feel that the artist desires. Whether we are talking about physical paintbrushes or digital painting brushes on Mac, Win or iPad, the artist must know in the first place that different paintbrushes are designed for different uses. So, it is always advised to use them in their own specific ways. Painting software usually has provided a default set of paint brushes for Mac, PC and iPad that cover all the needs of an digital artist. Basic knowledge and practices will hone the skills of the artist to differentiate one paintbrush from the others and how each of them creates a certain line, mark or texture on the canvas on Mac, Win, iPad and Phone.

brushes paintbrush on mac

Getting to know versatile paint brushes for Mac and iPad is quite tricky. At a glance, all paintbrushes look alike despite their size. In fact, the easiest way to know a paintbrush is from its physical appearance, from its parts. A paintbrush is comprised of 4 parts: bristles, crimp, ferrule and handle. The bristles refer to the hair of the brush, the crimp refers to the holder of the bristles, the ferrule refers to the area between the bristles and the handle, the handle is the area where an artist places his grip. The bristles are what differentiate the brushes for Mac and iPad. The wide and flat bristles are for painting large areas while the small and tapered ones are for painting tight spaces or detailed areas. Below is the list of the widely-used paintbrushes and a brief description of how to take out the best of each.

Brushes Every Artist Must Know on Mac, Win and iPad

  1. Flat brushes
    A flat brush has square, flat bristles. It is used for painting large areas, blending colors, or creating very bold strokes. This type of brush often comes in long or medium-length bristles.
  2. Bright brushes
    A bright brush has flat bristles, similar to a flat-typed brush, with its edges curving inward. It is used for covering large areas, blending colors, or being a more convenient substitute of a flat-typed brush.
  3. Filbert brushes
    A filbert brush has flat bristles, similar to a flat-typed brush, with its edges curving outward. It is used for painting large areas, creating lines and details.
  4. Angular flat brushes
    An angular flat brush has flat, angled bristles. It is used for painting large areas, small corners and details, or making circular shapes.
  5. Fan brushes
    A fan brush has thin, spread out-layered bristles. It is used for creating details, sharing or feathering colors, blending colors, and painting natural elements like trees, grasses, and clouds.
  6. Mop brushes
    A mob brush has thick and large bristles. It is used for covering large areas and blending oil paints.
  7. Round brushes
    A round brush has bristles with a round, pointed tip. It is used for creating lines, filling small, tight spaces, and adding small details.
  8. Detail round brushes
    A detail round brush has the shortest bristles of the family of round brushes. It is used for writing text, making signature, and filling in small, thin lines.

Those are the basic paint brushes every artist must know. Usually, professionals share their more powerful sets of brushes / PaintBrush on Mac, Win and iPad in the form of brushes download with those who want to complete their palettes. However, please consider that the more complicated, the harder a brush would be in use. So, be creative with a smaller set of basic brushes, if possible.

Brushes For iPad and Mac

MyBrushes for iPad uses a revolutionary new stroke representation. Get and CREATE the richness of pixel-based brushes to paint on iPad. Zoom in to any size and get a PERFECT edge in your iPad and Mac. Export at ANY size and resolution. The iPad Drawing software supports pressure sensitive stylus.

How to use Brushes of MyBrushes?
Preparation: Free Download Brushes for iPad and Mac

1. Lauch MyBrushes, Tap Mac Brushes from the toolbar of MyBrushes for iPad to access "Brushes Panel". There are many brush styles in the Brush Editor, including brush, pencil, pen, airbrush, scrawl and special effects.

2. Brush Editor on iPad and Mac

Mac Brushes editor

Saving Your Favorite Paint Brushes to Toolbar
1 Choose your favorite brushes from Brush Editor on Mac and iPad
2 Drag it onto the palette
3 The selected brushes will be placed on Toolbar

Remove unwanted brushes from Toolbar
Just drag down the unwanted brushes from the palette

3. Edit the Current Brushes on iPad and Mac

Tap a paintbrush from Toolbar and you can edit the selected paint brushes!

Mac Brushes toolbar
1. The Current Paintbrush. You could change the color of the current brush with Color Panel.
2. Change the Paintbrush Radius
3. Change the Paintbrush Opacity
4. Change the Paintbrush Hardness
5. Change the Paintbrush Smoothness
6. Copy the Current Paintbrush
7. Change the Paintbrush Pressure.

PS: Tap Mac paintBrush Pressure, you could “show/ hide” the “ Pressure ” bar. When the “pressure” bar is displayed, the iconMac brushes Pressure is highlighted with blue color.


With MyBrushes iPad version, you won't feel limited! When you select a paintbrush for your Mac, you could change its radius, opaque, pressure and hardness. Change the property to meet your needs!

How to use PaintBrush on Mac?

Preparation: Free Download MyBrushes for Mac
CHOOSE A PAINTBRUSH for Mac from MyBrushes Dashboard
Paintbrush for Mac
Tap a paintbrush on Mac and start to paint an art from the paint tool panel. Select an eraser for modifications.

Access the paintbrush property panel by taping paintbrush in tool panel! To change brush size, radius, opaque, pressure and hardness in the property panel!

Paintbrush for mac

In the PaintBrush Property Panel, tap Paintbrush for Mac buttonto access the PaintBrush Library. There are many brush styles in the PaintBrush Library on Mac. You could choose your favorite brushes to paint.


Replace default paintbrush on Mac with others to create a customized palette.
1. Select a brush from the PaintBrush Library.
2. Tap-drag the paintbrush onto the paint palette.
3. Click Done.


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