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Hotkeys in MyBrushes for Mac

MyBrushes for Mac Hotkeys


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Hotkeys in MyBrushes for Mac
Function Hotkeys
MyBrushes Hide MyBrushes for Mac Command + H
Hide Others Alt + Command + H
Quit MyBrushes for Mac Command + Q
Quit and close all windows Alt +Command + Q
File New Command + N
Open Command + O
Save Command + S
Save As Shift + Command +S
Edit Undo Command + Z
Redo Shift + Command + Z
Special Characters Alt + Command + T
Tool Pitch on “Eraser” Tool B
Pitch on “Brush” Tool E
Pitch on “Pick Color” Tool C
Pitch on “Text” Tool T
Pitch on “Image” Tool which can add “Effect” to your painting I
Pitch on “Zoom” Tool which can zoom the canvas Z
Pitch on “Play” Tool which will play the video that recorded the painting process P
Window Minimize the Window

Command + M

Show/ Hide Tool Panel Alt + Shift + T
Show/ Hide Color Panel Alt + Shift + C
Show/ Hide Layer Panel Alt + Shift + L
Move Canvas Up Ctrl + W
Move Canvas Left Ctrl + A
Move Canvas Down Ctrl + S
Move Canvas Right Ctrl + D



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