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Super PhotoCut New Functions

1. Comprehensive RAW Editing - Smart RAW processing engine.

2. Optimized for prevention of aliasing, feathering, halo in the clipped results.

3. Keep 100% image quality and resolution of the original with our dependable image background removal.

4. Perfectly cut out transparent and semi-transparent objects from background and generate results with natural edges. Make impossible become possible.

Unique Features

1. Precision Tool: The only mac background remover tool for making red/green marks to extremely fast remove photo background mac without sacrificing quality.

2. Simple Interface with real-time feedback: Instant preview final result. Just stay focused and save time.

3. Smart Algorithm: Enjoy the least amount of work for the best image cut out quality.

4. Zoom and Pan to any level: Nothing is more productive than inspecting super photocut details while navigating your image.

5. Auto-Save: No fear of losing your edits. No hassle of dealing with backups. Just enjoy your editing time to easily cut photo out on mac.

6. Configurable Auto-Brush-Size: The mark size adapts dynamically to your zoom level so that you can easily zoom in to make detailed edits, cutout object, remove background from picture on Mac.

7. No Technical Skills Required. Fully automatic cutting out of complex objects.

8. Keep 100% image quality and resolution of the original with our dependable image background removal.

Supported File Formats

1. Import
PNG, TIFF, RAW, JPEG, PNG, PDF, BMP, JPEG 2000, CR2, NEF and more.

2. Export

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