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Tried the demo version before buying from app store

Please reinstall Super PhotoCut by the following steps.

Step 1. Open finder, click the menu item "Go to folder" in the "Go" menu.

Step 2. Copy and paste "~/Library/Containers/" to the field, click "Go" button.

Step 3. Find the folder(s) named com.effectmatrix.superphotocut or com.effectmatrix.superphotocutlimit or com.effectmatrix.superphotocutregister (all folders containing ‘superphotocut’ strings in the folder name), move it to trash. Then reinstall and open Super PhotoCut.

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Mac Photo Background Eraser Image Vectorizer Mac Photo Eraser for Mac
Super PhotoCut Pro Mac
Removing Image Background from Transparent Objects ( veil, glass, water, fire... )
Super Vectorizer Mac
Auto Trace Images of color and Grayscale, Black-and-white, Skeletonization, Line
Photo Eraser Pro Mac
Removes Unwanted (Watermark, Date, People...) from Photo and Scales an Image
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