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How to paste the cut image to another background

Locate the background image you want to use as the new background, then directly drag and drop it to the right frame. Nearly 20 effects are waiting you to further retouch your image.
You can also copy and paste the cutout image by pressing Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to other documents, Skype and so on for instant use.

How to summon the rectangle box to surround an image

To create a rectangle box around the portion that you want to cut out of an image, click Target object on the toolbar. Target object is used to quickly select the items you want to keep.

Then a rectangle box will appear on your image automatically, which needs manual adjustment in most cases.

Please note:
Most importantly, you need to follow two principles when adjusting the rectangle selection.
Firstly, include every pixel that you want to retain in the rectangle box. For instance:

If you just select a part of that portion, Super PhotoCut will certainly remove the parts outside the rectangle box.

Secondly, make a rectangle selection as small as the cutout shape to get a more accurate result.

1. To move the entire box, click the icon at the bottom of the interface. Then drag to move the rectangle.

2. To scale the rectangle box, click and drag the four anchor points at the vertexes of edges.

3. To have an overview of all edges of a shape or image, move the slider to zoom out.

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