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PixelStyle Photo Editor Work Area Overview

The PixelStyle Photo Editor work area was made easy and handy to enjoyably create graphics and edit photos on Mac. This section guides you how to quickly start your workflow and explain what the various types of settings are and how they work. This is what it looks like.
Mac photo editor setting

1. Menu bar

The Menu bar organizes commands in menus that are carefully arranged by topic and contain drop down menu.

2. Title bar

The Title bar shows the name and extension of the open document.

3. Document window

The Document window displays the file that you are working on.

4. Tool panel

The Tool panel is the most important panel from which tools used to create and edit images are selected.

5. Properties panel

The Properties panel reveals the properties of the selected tool.

6. Histogram/Info panel

Mac photo editor color histogram

The Info panel shows width and height of the selection, as well as the color value, coordinate, radius and the magnifying color sample beneath a pointer.
Mac photo editor color value  Mac photo editor color

The Histogram panel enables the view of the tonal distribution of a digital image by all color channel, luminosity channel, red channel, green channel and blue channel.

7. Layers/Channels panel

layer panel of photo editor mac

The Layers panel encompasses the operations (add new, duplicate, delete), settings (blend mode, layer effects) and properties (opacity) of layers.
channel panel of photo editor mac

The Channels Panel shows the red channel, green channel, blue channel and alpha channel of the current image.

8. ScreenTip

The ScreenTip gives you tips on quickly completing an action using keyboard shortcuts when working with a tool.

9. Status panel

The Status panel shows the zoom level, width, height and resolution of the current document.

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