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Import an image

Import an image: Drag & Drop the image or click "Open" button Super Denoising import photo to select an image.

Panning, a zooming nd scrolling the image

To zoom, do one of the following:

- Click on the zoom icon buttons in the toolbar. It could be 200%, 100%, 50% and fit-to-screen magnification

Super Denoising zoom bar

To scroll, do one of the following:

- Use the scroll bars on the middle and bottom.

Super Denoising scroll bar Super Denoising scroll bar
Scroll bars on the bottom / Scroll bars on the Middle

- Use the mouse wheel.

To pan:

- Click on the image and drag on the image with both left and right mouse button.

NOTE: When you pan, zoom, and scroll the photo, Super Denoising will recalculate and process the photo denoising process every time.

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