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How to Convert RAR to ZIP Online?

1.Drag and Drop a Rar file to the window or click "Browse" button to upload a RAR file.

2.Click the "Extract Now" conversion button to convert RAR to ZIP online.

3.Your zip files will be displayed under "The Zip files after converted will be displayed here:".

4.Download the result in a ZIP file to see it. Simply click "Download All as Zip file."

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No ADs & Secure

Securely convert RAR archives to your local disk rather than submitting your valuable papers to internet servers, which are not secure even though most online services claim to erase your zip files soon. We guarantee that only you will access your data.

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No Internet Required

We put a high value on security and the protection of user data. As previously stated, the.rar archives will be converted on your local disk. Thus no online connection is required. As a result, you may convert your RAR archives anywhere. If you're curious, switch off your internet for a trial.

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No Software Needed

The RAR to ZIP Converter Online is free on any device or at any time. You may quickly and easily convert RAR to ZIP online by dragging and dropping a RAR archive into the data upload box. Then get the zip files when they have been converted. There is no need for software.

What is the maximum RAR file size permitted?

There is no limit to the size of any RAR file. Only one RAR file converted at a time. And you can access this Free Rar to Zip Converter anywhere online. With a single click, you will get the ZIP files.

How to obtain the result in ZIP format?

You will get the Zip files immediatly once the RAR to ZIP conversion is complete. Because the RAR to ZIP conversion requires recompressing the data, converting huge RAR files to ZIP format might take some time.


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