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PixelStyle Graphic Design

PixelStyle Graphic Design Software for Mac, similar to Sai and Coreldraw comprehensive, is an all-in-one Photo Graphic Design tool for Mac.

PixelStyle is a lightweight and high-quality Mac Graphic Design Program to sketch, create icons, vector graphic, banners, websites, promotional material and much more on Mac.

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Pixelstyle Mac Graphic Design Software

Mac Graphic Design Software

Powerful and Intuitive Mac Graphic Design Tool

- Powerful Graphic Engine: Meet the needs of fast, smooth and responsive painting.
- Advanced Brush System: 100+ kinds of natural brushes including brush, pencil, pen, airbrush, charcoal, pens and other effects. Quickly adjust the pressure sensitivity and brush size.
- Pixel-drawing on Mac OS X system.
- Real-time photo processing.

PixelStyle Photo Graphic Design Software for Mac contains not only 100+ natural brushes to simulate the real brush painting, but also has many vector drawing tools to create "digital" style artwork. With the professional graphic deaign features and user-friendly interface, PixelStyle Mac Graphic Design Program is definitely the best choice for enthusiasts.

Graphic Design Software for Mac - PixelStyle

Professional Vector and Graphic Design Tool for Mac

PixelStyle Graphic Design Software for Mac is designed to create a beautiful line drawing. The drawing will not be blurry even it has been much inflated. There is a powerful built-in vector graphic design engine in PixelStyle Mac Graphic Design Software. Users can edit stroke and anchor effect using the vector drawing tools which are similar to the "Pen Tool" of PhotoShop.

1. Create an object

  • Vector Drawing Tool: Freely create various shape with the full-featured Bezier pen tool.
  • Shape Tool: There are 4 kinds of shape tools in PixelStyle Graphic Design Software for Mac.
    1. Rectangular Tool: Some of them may have rounded corners.
    2. Ellipse Tool: It contains circle-shape and arc-shape.
    3. Star / Polygon graphic Tool.
    4. Spiral graphic design Tool for Mac.
  • Text Tool: Users can draw the text along the path and change the text setting including bolding, italics and kerning. It also converts the text to path for re-editing the control point.

  • 2. Operate the object

  • Transform Functions: Zoom, move, rotate, skew and perspective transformation.
  • Alignment Function

  • 3. Operate the path in Pixelstyle Mac Photo Graphic Design Software:

  • Boolean path combination.
  • Multi-path selection and editing.
  • Path compounding.
  • Points conversion.

  • 4. Other features of Pixelstyle Photo Graphic Design Software for Mac:

  • Rendering: Support to display Alpha transparency and export files as PNG image.
  • File format: Perfect conformance with SVG vector graphic files.

    Mac Text Graphic Gesign artwork

    Why Choose PixelStyle Mac Graphic Design App?

    PixelStyle Mac Graphic Design Sofware is the most quick, smooth and precise graphic design tool for Mac. No matter you are working on Ads design, web design, icon design or UI design, PixelStyle Photo Graphic Design Software for Mac can help you to create detailed graphic quickly and easily. PixelStyle Mac Graphic Design Software is very hany for both vector graphic design and artwork drawing.

    PixelStyle Photo Graphic Design Software for Mac has a large number of photo editing tools that you could expect on graphic design. All the tools in PixelStyle Graphic Design for Mac are easy to use. Each graphic tool is carried with a corresponding property grid. Users can design professional artwork with the excellent photo editing tools and the powerful layer function.

    Photo Graphic Design Software for Mac artwork

    More Basic Features of PixelStyle Mac Graphic Design Software

    - Rich brush libraries.

    - Layer Adjuster: Lots of non-destructive photo adjustments, such as exposure adjustment, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpen/blur, etc.

    - Layer Effects: Freely add many effects including light, shadows and stroke to any object.

    - Mixed Mode: A variety of professional mixed modes such as Multiply, Linear Burn, Light and so on.

    - Multiple Document: Suppot to open multiple documents at the same time and drag layers in different documents.

    - Powerful Export Function: Export the file as png, tiff, jpeg, jpg, gif, svn, pdf, bmp as well as a project.

    - Alignment and arrangement of objects.


    PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

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    Available for OS X 10.8 and above, iMac, Macbook Mini, Macbook air, Lion, Macbook Pro, Yosemite, mavericks.