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PixelStyle Help

1 PixelStyle Workspace

1 Tools Panel

Move Tool / Transform Tool/ Rectangular Marquee Tool / Elliptical Marquee Tool/ Lasso Tool/ Polygonal Lasso Tool/ Magic Wand Tool/ Crop Tool/ Art Brush Tool/ Pencil Tool / Brush Tool/ Eraser Tool/ Eyedropper Tool/ Clone Stamp Tool/ Paint Bucket Tool/ Gradient Tool/ Type Tool/ Zoom Tool/ Foreground color and background color

2. Properties Panel

Properties of the selected tool.

3.Histogram / Info PanelPixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

You can choose all color channels including gray channel, red channel, green channel and blue channel to browse the image histogram.

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

You can get image information such as width and height of the selection; color and position of the area you clicked, etc.

4.Layers/Channels Panel

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

Layers: Layer modes, Layer opacity, Layer style, Layer area, Create a new layer/ Copy the selected layer/ Delete the selected layer
Channels: red channel, green channel, blue channel, transparent channel

5. Status Panel

Zoom Tool: You could use it to zoom in or zoom out the canvas.
User could view the width and height information of the current image.

2 Layer

1.A mass of layer’s blending modes:

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

2.Layer Effect

PixelStyle provides a variety of effects - such as Fill, Stroke, Outer Glow, Inner Grow and Shadow - that change the appearance of a layer’s contents in a non-destructive way.

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

3 Selection

1.Make a selection

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

You can use below Selection tools (Rectangular Marquee Tool, Elliptical Marquee Tool, Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, Magic Wand Tool) to make a selection.

2.Adjust the selection

The properties of a selection tool can be used to adjust the selection.

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

New selection / Add to selection / Subtract from Selection / Intersect with Selection / Invert the intersected selections / Feather / Aspect Ration / Corner radius.
Please notice that the “Corner radius” is the particular parameter for “Rectangular Marquee Tool”.

4 Drawing and Painting

1.Paintbrush Tool

There are 3 sets of paintbrush tools: brush tool, art brush tool and pencil tool.

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

Art brush tool gives you more than 100 kinds of artistic brush styles.

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

2.Fill and Gradient

Fill with the Paint Bucket Tool:
1 Select the foreground color;
2 Click the area that need to be filled on the canvas;
3 The selected area will be filled with the foreground color

Define the tolerance value: Tolerance is used to define the color similarity relative to the original pixel you click. A pixel will be filled when the color similarity is similar to the tolerance value.
Choose a fill texture
Check the box then you can fill all selection
Check the box then you can fill the selected area with the background color

There are 8 options to determine the gradient appearance from foreground color to background color, which are Linear Gradient, Reflected Gradient, Radial Gradient, Diamond Gradient, Conical Gradient, Angular Gradient, Clockwise Spiral Gradient and Counterclockwise Spiral Gradient.

PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac

What’s more, you can set a gradient along with a tiled image, a symmetrical tiled image or lock a gradient at a fixed 45 degree angle.

5 Text

1. Character Format

You need to select text tool, then click the canvas and create a new font before you can modify the type attributes including font family, font style, font size, font color, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and kerning.

2. Wrap Text

Click the button PixelStyle Photo Editor for Maco wrap text in a type layer. There are 7 deformation modes for your choice.

6 Effects and Filters

Perform color adjustment and apply filters for images by clicking “Menu”-”Filter”.

1.Color Adjustment

“Hue/Saturation” lets you adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness of a specific range of colors in an image or simultaneously adjust all the colors in an image.


You can use filters to retouch your photos and apply special art effects that give your image fantastic effects.

7 Save and Export

1.File Format

The default format for saving files is .PSDB. It is a project file and the layers information will be preserved, so you can edit them again. What’ more, PixelStyle is able to save files with all popular formats like bmp, gif, jpg, jpg2000, png, tiff, pdf, etc.