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Tutorials: Instantly Remove Images Background

Image Background Removal for Mac

About "Fine Turning"Image Background Removal for Mac
If you could not cut out the target object with fast matting for some images,you need use "Fine Tuning".

Please click the "Target Object" button. remove image background for macThe rectangle should be SAME SIZE as the target object!
Click "Fine Turning" button. remove image background for mac

Mark the object you want to keep: Mark the foreground with green marker and background with red marker.

You can manually adjust the foreground border that comes from fast matting.

For example, you could use "Eraser Marker" image background removal for macto smear the hair at the border to make the background becomes transparent.

image background removal for mac

The opaque part of the wedding dress should be marked with Green Marker, so the area with similar color will automatically become transparent . Use "Eraser Marker" to smear the transparent area of the wedding dress.

Original Photo Photo Processing Photo after Cutout
remove image background for mac remove image background for mac

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