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Tutorials: Instantly Remove Images Background

image background removal for mac

Step by step guides to cut out the target object:

Import an image: Drag & Dropimage background removal for mac the image or click "Open" buttonimage background removal for mac to select an image.

Cutout Options:
There are two ways to cut out an object ( Fast Matting and Fine Turning)

Example of how to cut out the target object with Fast Matting:
Launch Super PhotoCut and click "Target Object". Make sure to minimize the rectangle scope. The rectangle size should be same size as target object.(You can refer to the Target Object Rectangle tutorials on how to draw the rectangle.)

Mark the object you want to keep: Mark the foreground with green marker and background with red marker.(You can refer to the Target Object Rectangle tutorials on how to mark foreground and background)

If you are not satisfied with the lines you drawn ,you could click "Undo"iconremove image background for mac to cancel and re-draw the lines.

Image Zoom: Select "Zoom"in the toolbox to adjust the view of the image to make the photo be fully displayed on the screen. Or you can use the mouse scroll to zoom in /zoom out the image.

Move the Image:Right-click and stay on the image. You can move image now.

Transparency PNG output: Click on the first iconremove image background for mac at the left of result preview. You will get transparency background.

20 kinds of background transition effects are for your choices:You can find it at the second icon image cutout for Mac at the left of result preview

Marker size adjustment:User can adjust Marker Size  image cutout for Mac to meet different requirement.

Save photo: Click on the "save" button background removal software for mac , photos will be saved in photo folder.

Import your favorite picture as the background image: File - Edit - Copy to Clipboard Copy
background removal software for mac

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