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Any DeepStyle for Mac

Any DeepStyle


A cool revolutionary app that combines neural networks and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to transform your photos into impressive works of art using 80+ diversified filters & styles, including Mosaic, classical, anime, comic, modern, traditional, abstract, Cartoon as well as your OWN styles.


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Mac Photo Editor

Any DeepStyle for Mac

Transform Photos into Impressive Artworks on Mac

Not a single App or Photoshop plugin can be comparable to its strong capacity to turn your photos into artworks.

- Neural Networks & AI Powered Art Styles.
- Stylized Images Based on Extracted Effects.
- Obtain Specific Fantastic Results from Your Favorite Paintings.
- Easily Train and Customize Your Own Styles


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3 easy steps to apply any art style to your photo

Import your photo
Select an art style
Export your result
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Unique Features of Any DeepStyle for Mac

Deep Learning Techniques

Any DeepStyle uses the deep learning algorithm to train a deep neural network to separate artistic styles from the image structure, and combine the style of one image (textured look and the color palette) with the structure of another. The upshot of all of this is that you can train a huge neural network to turn photographs into “neural paintings” that look as though they were painted by famous artists — “digital counterfeits,” so to speak.

Without Programming Experience

This software is pretty simple. It is easy enough for anyone to use, and that to produce amazing results.

Any DeepStyle is more potential for creativity than a style copier. It can do much, much more. It creates stunning effects, not just in the form of paintings. Teach it specific images and get specific artistic results.

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How it works?

All images are being created by 'reading the mind' of the trained neural network. This dataset has lots of different types of images in it. Pick an effect you prefer, and then convert your images to the most popular artistic styles.

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Making Your Own Images

Any DeepStyle allows you to train your own model. You will be addicted to the custom effects options. This lets you render any image and use it as a kind of seed to make an effect.


Diversified Filters & Styles for Your Choices:

Mosaic, Classical, Anime, Comics, Abstract, Cartoon, Traditional, Modern, Printmaking, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Oil Painting, Chinese Painting, Texture…