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     Magic Popo


Magic Popo

Mania Balls Shooting Zuma Game for Family and Entertain your Kids

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Magic Popo is a game of Zuma system but more addictive. The playing method is totally new and different from Zuma. It creates a surprisingly simple color-matching game that never fails to be fast, challenging, and exciting. Never thinking of "killing your time", once you start, this is a game you would like to sit down and will be playing for a while.

Magic Popo is a fantastic balls shooting battle in a strange world which is divided into 4 scenes of 20 levels. You’ll need to use your rapid-fire action and color-matching skills to remove balls in your path, before you losing a life or failing the level.

It is easy enough to pick a ball from the line, and release it back to the chain to create matches of at least three same-colored balls and eventually clear the board. 

Game Features:

★ Three Game Modes
 Easy, Normal, Hard game modes.
 Play 4 regions of 20 levels in each mode.

★ Agile Gameplay
 The unique automatic magic variable speed system.

★ Graphics Presentation
 A nice interface with sharp and colorful environments.
 Charming in clever design, from the various start-up loading screen to the way a ball spins down into place after being fired.

★ Sound Effects
 Well-designed passionate tunes.

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