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     Auto Face Swap



An unique automatic face transforming app to generate swapping video without any human interaction.

Windows Version iOS Version


Auto Face Swap!, by the creators of Magic Morph, the popular face swap app for Windows is now available to be downloaded for iPhone. Click the support link to review the instruction on how to swap face within 1 min.

Auto Face Swap! is the unique automatic face transforming app to generate swapping video without any human interaction. It uses the face detection technology and advanced image-morphing algorithm to automagically generate the video based on a given sequence of two faces. Once the video is generated, user can save it to album (Camera Roll), upload to Youtube, Facebook, or share to public video channel.

★What users say?

“I can swap faces easily within 1 min. The swapping video is really cool.” - Angelababyla
“Amazed face off” - funnyworld12
“Skin color matching, simple operation” - ukeubob

★How to use a celebrity's face?
- Take photos from your camera or choose them from your photo library

★How to start?
- Simply pick two faces and this app will swap them automatically.
- The UI is super easy to use. No need to resize or rotate faces.

★Unique Face Swap Technics:
- Fast and accurate automatic face detection and transforming.
- Instant swap processing with no Internet connection needed
- Skin color matching.

★Surprise your friends with a new creature:
- Post your new image on Facebook. Share it on Twitter, via email, Tumblr and more!

- Save it to photo album for later use.
- Upload swapping video to Youtube, Facebook, or other public video channel.

★Have fun :
- Well-polished look and feel.
- Forecast what might your incoming babies like ? Combining your face photo with that of your honey and check.
- The perfect app for a party and your family : take pictures of your friends and watch them combined! They will freak out!
- Pick anyone to play with!

Let's get started and transform your face into something fun and share with friends.

★Tips for perfect mixing:
• Always use front-facing photos with good lighting
• Use photos that do not have hair covering eyes and eyebrows
• Use photos of faces with similar skin color from same angle
• Results may be vary depending on photos.

Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email: market@effectmatrix.com




Auto-Face-Swap Auto-Face-Swap

Auto-Face-Swap Auto-Face-Swap

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