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     E.M. Total Video2Dvd update history


Total Video2Dvd Update History:

Total Video2Dvd 2.81 New Features:

  1. Updated subtitles module.
  2. Updated mkv module.
  3. Bug fixes.

Total Video2Dvd 2.80 New Features:

  1. Updated burn engine.
  2. Bug fixes.

Total Video2Dvd 2.70 New Features:

  1. Support converting MKV to DVD with multi-audio tracks and multi-subtitles tracks
  2. Support converting all videos to dvd with multi-audio tracks
  3. Updated converting engine

Total Video2Dvd 2.61 New Features:

  1. Support converting M2TS to DVD, AVCHD to DVD directly
  2. Support converting High-Def TS to DVD, TP to DVD directly
  3. Auto deinterlace while making conversion

Total Video2Dvd V2.61 New Features:

1. Support importing AVCHD, M2TS, MTS, TS etc. video format;
2. Known bugs fixed.

Total Video2Dvd V2.60 New Features

1. Updated Easy Mode,
2. Updated user interface.
3. Bug fixes.

Total Video2Dvd V2.50 New Features:

1. Updated Easy Mode,
2. Added some profile: (352*240/352*288/480*352/576*352/704*480/704*576)
3. Bug fixes.

Total Video2Dvd V2.45 New Features:

1. Update encoder engine,
2. Update rm/rmvb decoder engine,
3. Add skip dvd menu function,
4. Add one chapter for one file,
5. Add more language packages,
6. Add a option if shuting down computer, after burning completely.

Total Video2Dvd V2.40 New Features:

1 Update photo slideshow editor;
2 Add some dvd menu templates, visit here.
3 Update help file;
4 fix bugs.

Total Video2Dvd V2.21 New Features:

1 Update video render for VISTA.
2 Update output interface.
3 Update Total Video Player 1.31.
4 Add French language pack.

Total Video2Dvd V2.20 New Features:

1 Add some dvd menu templates for Christmas.
2 Add a tool Total Flv Sniffer for automatically downloading flv from youtube or other video share website.
3 Add some language pack, Italiano, Persian(Farsi) and Danish.
4 Update the interface to look like the new Windows Vista style.

Total Video2Dvd V2.10 New Features:

1. Enhanced photo slideshow function;
2. Support for multi-languages, now includes English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) now;
3. Updated the dvd menu;

Total Video2Dvd V2.01 New Features:
1. Add "Auto" quality option, automatically adjusts the video bitrate from a maximum 9000 kbits/s (about 62 minutes), to a minimum 1000 kbits/s (about 590 minutes), 5 levels.
1). High quality, 7501 kbits/s - 9000 kbits/s, about 72 minutes
2). Above normal quality, 6001 kbits/s - 7500 kbits/s, about 90 minutes
3). Normal quality, 4001 kbits/s - 6000 kbits/s, about 122 minutes
4). Below normal quality, 2501 kbits/s - 4000 kbits/s, about 200 minutes
5). Low quality, 1000 kbits/s - 2500 kbits/s, about 410 minutes
Note: The estimates above are for the standard 4.7GB disc.
2. Add new 5 dvd menu templates;
3. Update Decoder(*.mkv, *.ogm, etc.)
4. Total Video Player release new version: V1.20;
5. Fix some bugs;

How to burn avi to dvd, please visit Total Video2Dvd FAQs

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