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      E.M. PowerPoint Video Converter FAQs

E.M. PowerPoint Video Converter Tutorials:

Q. How to use E.M. PowerPoint Video Converter?


  1. Download, install and launch E.M. PowerPoint Video Converter
  2. Drag and drop PowerPoint files into file list
  3. Set audio mode, set output mode, select output format and profiles
  4. Hit "Convert" button.

video guide:

Q: Why are there two audio modes?  What is the difference?


The two audio formats provide users with different options:
Record audio: Gives you the option of recording the existing audio track for your PowerPoint project prior to converting it..
Add audio file: Gives you the option of attaching a different audio track.  If you select this option, the added audio track overwrites and replaces the existing audio in your PowerPoint project

Q: Can you give me the options for the command line version? 

A: E.M. PowerPoint Video Converter command line options (only support for command line version)

  • /h or /help --- Help information
  • /f --- Input file
  • /o --- Output file
  • /is --- In slide > 0
  • /os --- Out slide < total slides
  • /au --- Attached audio file
  • /sd --- Transition time between slides, default value is 6s
  • /bd --- Transition time between builds, default value is 2s
  • /ds --- Disable sound
  • Convert PowerPoint file:
    eg: pptvideo /f in.ppt /o out.mpg /pi ini\ntscdvd.ini /pn mpg Normal

Q: Why converted file no audio?

A: normally, click the audio settings button, then select the right device and input format.

PowerPoint no audio

note: u must open the 'Mono' and 'Stereo' in Windows Volume Control.



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