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Paint Tool Sai for Mac Alternatives

Paint Tool Sai Mac Alternative Programs Free Download

I like Paint tool SAI on Mac!

Many digital artist will need Painttool SAI for Mac. Does Paint Tool Sai work on mac? At present, there is no Paint Tool SAI for Mac version released from official website yet. However, Paint Tool SAI Mac equivalent such as ProPaint for Mac, MyPaint, MyBrushes, Manga Studio and Autodesk Sketchbook ect are worth considering when digital painters need find alternative to Paint Tool SAI for Mac apps.

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Paint Tool Sai for Mac Equivalent app is available for OS X 10.8 +, iMac, Macbook Mini, Macbook air, Mountain lion, Macbook Pro, Yosemite, mavericks, EI Capitan, macOS Sierra, Big Sur.

In the world of digital painting, the name ‘PaintTool SAI’ is often heard as the most recommended paint tool for professionals. This paint tool offers almost everything needed by users to create professional-looking artwork. Compared to other competitors in its class, Paint Tool SAI on Windows PC wins everyone’s heart with its lightweight painting feature, easy-and-stable operation, digitizer support and fabulous anti-aliased painting results. Even for beginners, this tool really knows what it means to make digital painting comfortable and enjoyable with its simple but powerful user interface. This tool is liked by professionals for its composition with 16bit ARGB channels and Technology support from intel MMX. Furthermore, this tool is equipped with data protection feature that is really useful to reduce abnormal terminations like bugs.

I want Paint Tool Sai for Mac with pen pressure!

Unfortunately, the amazing features of Paint Tool SAI can only be enjoyed by Windows users. This painting tool can only be installed in Windows Operating System including Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 64bit Windows. What's Paint Tool SAI Mac download site? In fact, it becomes bad news for Mac users who want to create professional-looking digital art in lightweight software with a simple user interface.

Many Mac users place a hope on Paint Tool SAI 4 Mac or, at least, its alternatives to provide similar features like Paint Tool SAI for Windows. Of all paint tools, names such as ProPaint, MyPaint and MyBrushes are standing out with their pluses and minuses in being a partner in creating professional digital art work where they search for free downloading programs like paint tool Sai for Mac alternative. Artwork presented with ProPaint for Mac Tool:

paint tool sai 2 mac equivalent



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But how to run easy paint tool sai on mac?

You still could use Paint Tool Sai on Mac. But need a lot patience to operate the process as following:

1. Run the official Paint Tool SAI for Mac OS X.

Painttool SAI is Windows only, if you only require Sai Paint tool exactly for Mac, you can be place on Mac via Win gui desktop, like WineHQ or CrossOver which can get Windows productivity applications and PC games up and running on Mac.
For those Mac users that are having trouble letting go, but don’t want to throw down money on a new Windows-license just to use a couple apps, CrossOver 13 for Mac will let you install and run popular Windows software without having to reboot into a separate Windows partition. CrossOver can be downloaded and installation process was straight forward. The app has a free 14-day trial period and then if you like it you can unlock the full version for the price $59.99. But no Paint Tool Sai Mac pen pressure supports.

run paint tool sai on mac OS X


2. Paint Tool SAI Mac alternative app - MyBrushes, “The Most Professional” Mac paint tool

To most professionals in digital painting, MyBrushes is a nice alternative for Paint Tool SAI Mac. This paint tool is known for its most quality “sketch, paint and playback on a variety of size canvas and unlimited layers with pencil, pen, painting brush”. It is said as the best platform for freedom. A list of achievements has been made by this tool; some of them are being featured by Apple, AppAdvice and Dailyappshow in their ‘hot’ sections. This tool is even highly rated by its users around the world. MyBrushes got the first rank in iPad Top Apps and Entertainment in more than 27 countries.
Without much knowledge of color systems like HSV or RGB, of basic painting, or of the best realistic brushes, etc, users are pampered with a huge collection of background templates, painting effects and tools. Overall, there are 5 highlights featured in this powerful paint tool: layering system, painting studio feature, advanced brush system, simple interface and huge artwork gallery. Each of the highlights is the best in its class, creating a stress-free experience of painting digitally. Pen pressure sensitive supports.

Here are the pros of MyBrushes:

  • - Easy to use! Adults or kids can paint comfortably with it on their device.
  • - It is featured with professional quality tools for amazing artwork
  • - Unlimited layers
  • - Unlimited size of canvas
  • - Unlimited undo and redo
  • - A feature to record and playback drawing videos
  • - A collection of brushes of 100 types
  • - 50 beautiful background template in the artwork gallery
  • - It reacts well to its control
  • - Paint Tool Sai Mac pen pressure Sensitive support
  • - Paint on Mac 10.6.8 and above, iMac, Macbook Mini, Macbook air, Macbook Pro, Mac Lion, Yosemite, mavericks

Download MyBrushes for Mac


Artwork presented with MyBrushes Paint Sai Mac alternative Tool:

Paint Tool Sai Mac Equivalent art



3. Alternative to Paint Tool SAI 2 Mac - MyPaint “The Simplest”

paint tool sai mac 2016 alternative #2

If MyBrushes and ProPaint simply do not fit the budget, MyPaint for Mac can be another choice for digital painting fans. This Mac paint tool has the simplest, most easy-to-use user interface that allows a quick, artistic drawing any time. These two features, ‘simplicity’ and ‘easy operation’, of MyPaint for Mac are hard to beat by other paint tools. The interface is simple and so minimalist; the menus are no complicated as other paint tools that promise professional artwork. With such interface and menu, users can focus on their canvas and draw and paint without any distraction. The minimalism and simplicity of MyPaint for Mac do not reduce the wealth of features and tools in it. A huge collection of brushes is available in well-organized categorization. Every brush with its special result is easy to choose from some categories shown on the screen, whether users want to emulate the actual materials such as watercolor, marker, charcoal, acrylic or oil painting. This paint tool is best used in a graphic tablet instead of in a PC, because the pressure in its use can contribute to the result of painting.
Here are the pros and cons of MyPaint for Mac:


  • A huge collection of brushes with different results
  • The simplest interface everyone can expect from a paint tool
  • This app supports for pressure sensitive graphic tablets


  • It is not comfortable when used with a mouse without Adobe Paint Tool Sai Mac pen pressure Sensitive support

There are some others Mac version of Paint Tool Sai alternative programs, just in case (not really specific for anime, but very good for doing so). But not listing app support Pressure Sensitive tablets and the prices are much different. 

- Artrage 
- Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 
- Manga Studio (though i am pretty sure this is the type you buy in stores, not download.) 
- Gimp is free, and the rest have trials. You can always go on Youtube and find keygens, serial codes, and cracks for them though if you would prefer not to pay. 

GIMP for Mac doesn't have pen pressure with wacom. Just be very cautious with what you download and have your Anti Virus program running at the time of the download. I am saying this because, though not all keygens, cracks, etc have viruses, some do. Good luck ^_^ 
- Photoshop CS6 (lags too much) 

In short, ProPaint for Mac, MyPaint and MyBrushes are best good alternatives for Paint Tool SAI Mac. When it comes to the most suitable, MyBrushes wins in the professional drawing features while MyPaint wins in its simple user interface. So, it is back to the users’ needs which option they want to take for their Sai Mac version download. With good knowledge of digital painting and familiarity with the chosen paint tool, regardless what paint tool Mac version is eventually chosen, professional masterpiece is there.


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